Inside the Mind of Kurtis J. Wiebe

Month: December, 2016

Rat Queens Wednesday Webcomic #5: Whackball

A special 3 page Rat Queens holiday gift from me, Max Dunbar, Sweeney Boo, and Ryan Ferrier. A little shout out to Kenny Loggins and Top Gun.


Rat Queens Wednesday Webcomic #4: Social Warrior

New Webcomic with art from Justin Osterling and letters by Ryan Ferrier.


Rat Queens Wednesday Webcomic #3: Trippin’

A Betty webcomic by me and Sweeney Boo!rq_wc_trippin

Get Killed by the Rat Queens!

Owen and I have teamed up with Pat Rothfuss and his team at Worldbuilders for this year’s charity event! For every $10 you donate to our #TeamRatQueens page, you earn a shot at being cameo’d and then horrifically slaughtered by the Rat Queens in an upcoming issue!

All the details are here:

As a bonus, because the Rat Queens family has already donated over $2000, I’ve offered to run a live stream over at our regular Twitch site tonight, December 2nd, at 7PM PST!

Our fundraiser lasts for seven more days, let’s see if we can meet that $5000 goal, everyone! Thanks to all who have graciously donated to the cause, and good luck!

We have one more MAJOR announcement about Rat Queens coming very soon. I’ll post about it once the news drops!