Wrench – My First Comic Pitch

Wrench really is the beginning of my interest in comics. I’d originally outlined this as a novel and when I was talking to a friend about it, he suggested making it a comic instead. At that point I hadn’t read a comic since I was a kid. I thought that maybe he was onto something and so I went down to a local comic store and looked into this whole ‘comic thing’.

After reading a few and finding some sample scripts online, I went about attempting a script. After I’d written the first issue I searched around the internet and came across Darren Yeow on conceptart.org. I contacted him and pitched him the idea and we got down to work.

The following is what came out of it. It’s a little embarrassing on the writing front, but I’m comfortable sharing the very early roots of my career. This was roughly 2006-2007.

Check out Darren’s work here:¬†http://www.stylus-monkey.com/

Wrench CoverWrench Page 1Wrench Page 2Wrench Page 3