A Green Wake Tattoo

by kurtiswiebe

A tattoo?


Honestly, I was never really a person who thought I’d get one, it seemed pretty silly for someone like me to put anything like that on my body. All my experiences over the past few years have fundamentally changed me in a lot of ways, however. With my move to Vancouver I was, to some degree, pressing a reset button on my life. A new city, a new start.

After a month in Vancouver, the idea of a symbol, something permanent, kept coming to mind. A marker or milestone to represent what I’d endured, how I’ve changed and how I always want to strive to be a better man.

The frog is the symbol I chose. In Egyptian mythology, the frog is a symbol for rebirth and regeneration. It was something that I’d worked into the theme of Green Wake, a series that as many know is near and dear to my heart. This specific image was illustrated by Riley Rossmo for a promotional piece for Green Wake that never really saw the light of day. It’s pretty awesome to have this part of both Green Wake and an original piece of art by a good friend encapsulate a new beginning.