by kurtiswiebe

Posting this now because, until now, I’ve been unsuccessful in getting interested eyes on the project. The pencils and inks for both the conceptual work and sequential work was done by the amazing Roc Upchurch ( http://johnnyrocwell.blogspot.ca/ ) and colours by Paul Little.

Here’s the pitch!

The Goblinettes!

A Scott Pilgrim inspired love story where Lord of the Rings meets Josie and the Pussy Cats, an original series that answers the age old question: What would a love child between Gollum and Joan Jett look like?

The Goblinettes follows Purl , the leader singer and guitarist of an anti-establishment punk band in a fantasy setting. And she’s a goblin. In a world overrun by societal norms like violence and thieving, Purl’s music fights the power with songs of love, peace and understanding. 

Then one day Sedric shows up at a gig, a goblin looking to change his people for the better through a message of tolerance and change. But on their first date, Sedric is captured by the authorities and Purl sets out on a mission to save her true love.

The Goblinettes is aimed at a teenage crowd, with a strong catering to a female audience. Purl is a strong, self assured lead character, reversing the damsel in distress cliché by getting Sedric back. This story speaks strongly of being an individual, even when society is against you, and to fight for your beliefs no matter the circumstance.

The Goblinettes can be an OGN or a series told in 4-6 parts with ample room for ongoing.


Am I crazy for thinking this would be a really fun comic? I’ve had this idea for a few years and it doesn’t seem to gather much excitement but everyone I show it to adores the characters and the idea.

Share your thoughts in the comments if you have any!