Grim Leaper Arrives May 30th!

by kurtiswiebe

May is a very exciting month for me in 2012. Besides it being my birthday month, I also have Peter Panzerfaust #4 coming out and the launch of my newest series, Grim Leaper. I can’t really put to words how excited I am about the project, but it’s been something that has come together over the last year and it’s very thrilling to see the final pieces in place.

It’s funny how my experiences are infused into stories I write but I only ever really notice it retrospectively. In the case of Grim Leaper, it is clearly the result of my early dating life after being in a long term relationship for nearly 12 years. A lot of my insecurities and total lack of experience are part of what makes Grim Leaper so much fun, and, in places, endearing.

Series artist, Aluisio C. Santos is the perfect illustrator to bring the series to life. I couldn’t have found a more talented and appropriate artist for this series and once the book hits the shelves, you’ll see why. In the meantime, enjoy some of the art that’s been floating around the web for awhile now.