The Yank Shots

by kurtiswiebe

The Yank Shots has been a story that I’ve been working on for years. Seriously, years. In fact, it’s based on one of the first scripts I ever wrote. I’m going to guess this goes back to 2006 when I first came up with the idea and then a year later hired an artist to do the sequentials for a pitch.

Obviously the story never went anywhere and I shelved it. Back then, when it was called Wrench, I thought it was the best idea of all time. Ever. Going back to the original script is painful now, so painful I can’t actually muster the courage to finish reading.

Anyway, over the years I’ve attached numerous artists and seen the project fail each time. Until a month after NYCC 2011 when I had the amazing opportunity to meet the impossibly talented Andrew MacLean. We talked about the project for a week or two and when he sent in the sketches, the narrative began to change. First, let me show you the original synopsis:

Set in Rio de Janeiro,Brazil, somewhere in the near future, the story of Wrench follows the tortured life of a man named Vicente Botella Rodriguez. He is an individual who finds himself in the uncomfortable position of being the avenging hand of God. 

So, when I got the following in an email from Andrew, it sent my brain in a completely new direction.

It was at this point that I went back to the drawing board and completely rewrote the concept but keeping integral parts intact. No longer set in Brazil and making the story a bit more current, I drafted a brand new script and sent it to Andrew. This is what became of it.

Sadly, no takers yet on a publisher. But, we forge on.

Check out Andrew’s work here: and follow him on twitter: @andrew_maclean