Fan Art

by kurtiswiebe

There’s something really amazing about fellow creators being inspired by the characters and worlds you create, enough to sit down and spend a few hours doing a personal take on them. I’ve received a few in my email and over Twitter and have been so impressed with both the ability and the amount of fun coming off the picture. So, I’m sharing a few that I’ve really enjoyed.

First up is Matthew Waite’s gorgeous World War II era propaganda poster with a Peter Panzerfaust twist. I love this piece because not only does Matthew capture Peter’s debonair personality but it’s a beautifully composed piece that fits with the theme we’re working with on the series.


You can find Matthew’s work here:

And hit him up on Twitter while you’re at it: @matthewwaite

Next up is an energetic take on Peter’s famous flying sequence in the first issue of Peter Panzerfaust. This was done by Mike Dimayuga who not only captures the excitement of the moment but takes it from a new angle and gives us a great insight into how he sees Peter. I love it.

Head over to for a look at more of his stunning artwork.

Follow him on Twitter while you’re at it: @theothermiked

And, last but certainly not least, one of my favourite pieces I’ve received so far is Nathan Ooten’s interpretation of a cover for my novel, Between Worlds. Honestly, if I could have had a choice for the cover, this would be it. Maybe if this book gets a reprint, I’ll demand a bit more input. As it stands, his take on the main character, Barr Owens, is bang on. Added points for putting him in the butterfly sweater.

It’s a piece that perfectly captures the mood and story, much better than the rather ambiguous cover I currently have. Such as it goes.

You can find more of Nathan’s work here (I’m told he’ll be updating it soon):

Follow him on twitter: @nathanoox

Thanks for all the beautiful work and if you ever want to do a piece, I’ll make sure to put it up on my blog and put out your contact information for the world to find!