Bits of Script – The Very Last Pages of Green Wake

by kurtiswiebe

I’ve shared the mythology behind Green Wake, but here is the very last page from the script for Issue #10 I sent Riley.

PAGE twenty-five(5 Panels)

Panel 1. Well, this is it Riley. I’ve enjoyed this series a lot and it’s been an amazing experience working with you on it. I’m sad this is the end, but we’ve a lot to be proud about. Thanks for taking a chance on me as a writer and giving me the in that has led to so many wicked opportunities. I appreciate it more than you know. So, here we go. The final scene we talked about since the very first time we sat down and plotted out Green Wake. Feel free to frame it however you want and to lay it out however you want. These are mere suggestions, but I suspect you know exactly how you want it to be.

White space, endless white, only broken by the sharp blue of the still ocean water. On a small hill sits a cabin.

Panel 2. A streak of rainbow light across the sky. Morley in panel, looking up at the sky. Just his face, we are looking up at him.

Panel 3. A boat on the water, carrying a young woman.

Panel 4. It washes ashore. Morley is standing there, in his suit, smoking a cigarette. He wears a smile.

Panel 5. Morley as he pushes it back out into the ocean, he’s waded out up to his knees.

PAGE twenty-six (1 Panel)

Panel 1. Morley, the last resident and keeper of Green Wake. Finally, he’s found peace.