Hanging Thread – Low Hanging Fruit

by kurtiswiebe

In the summer of 2010 I came up with this concept for a slice of life comic about a plucky nice guy who makes awful life decisions, in particular with the women he chose to date. The idea was that his niceness would eventually be the death of him, that is, until he realized that you can’t save everyone and you certainly aren’t inclined to be their boyfriend at the same time. I was studying how we often take what comes easiest rather than aiming for a goal or demanding a higher standard because of the difficulty involved.

Hence the title, Low Hanging Fruit.

I worked with artist Elaine Will who did some fantastic work on it, but she was unable to continue due to her focus on a very personal series she is working on, Look Straight Ahead. You can find a whopping 144 pages on her blog and read it from the beginning. It’s beautiful, trust me. http://lookstraightahead.blogspot.com/

If any artists out there would be interested in tackling this project with me, check my contact info and send me an email. In the meantime, enjoy the pages!