Green Wake – Test Script

by kurtiswiebe

When Green Wake was first turned into an ongoing series, artist Riley Rossmo was just starting to get some work with Marvel and was unsure if he could commit to illustrating the continuation of the story. I wrote a test script for two purposes:

1) We needed to test artists as possible replacements for Riley. (This is how I inadvertently became connected to Grim Leaper artist, Aluisio Santos)

2) I noticed the website was using Green Wake as one of its studies. I wanted to contribute.

I wrote this little piece about Carl, which at the time probably seemed like a throwaway to anyone who got a chance to read it, but if you’ve read the first volume (Issues 1-5) you’ll know what he’s talking about now. Below is the adaptation by Aluisio Santos.


Green Wake – Carl

1. Carl leaning on the rail of a cobblestone bridge, the cold iridescent river bubbling quietly beneath. Black skies, silver light creeping through, hinting at more beyond. He’s lost in thought, peering through the bottom of a whiskey bottle, using it like a filter to watch the water rush by.

CAP Everyone’s got a line. The moment you cross it, you know. You just fucking know.

2. Inside the bottle, a reflection of Carl’s eye in the remaining whiskey.

CAP All these little back steps, trying to recover. Tip toeing and egg shell walking. So weird how we do that.

3. Carl taking a swig of the whiskey, eyes closed as he powers through the burn.

CAP Like we’re making things better by our inattention to the details.

4. Carl tosses the whiskey bottle as far as he can.

CAP Happy with the lies.

5. Shot of the bottle as it drifts toward the camera, Carl watching it go.

CAP I could still be happy with you, Ariel.

6. Carl, walking away from the camera, hands in his pockets, shoulders hunched.

CAP Happy with you and your fucking lies.