And so ends Green Wake

by kurtiswiebe

To our faithful readers,

I’ve just finished writing Green Wake #10. It’s cold outside, which is fitting really, and I’m sitting here reflecting on the experience that has been Green Wake. It’s been an interesting journey, starting out as a five issue mini, then, with an overwhelming response quickly being upgraded to an ongoing series, and finally coming to an early end at issue 10.

From the very beginning, Green Wake was a project of passion. I poured my heart into this little beast, filling it up with all my crazy experiences over the last few years. While I’m sad that we didn’t get the full run to fully flesh out the mythology as we had planned, I’m satisfied with the resolution and looking it over even now, I believe we lived up to our promise in revealing Green Wake to you.

So, the question on your minds: Why did it end 15 issues early?

The answer is simple.


Indie books live and die by numbers and while we received universally stellar reviews, it didn’t translate into sales. While we wanted to continue on, we simply couldn’t afford to do it anymore. We had to come to a very tough decision and this was the ultimate result. I truly hope you understand.

This is my message: if you like a series, tell everyone. If they won’t buy it for themselves, buy the first issue for them. Give comics as gifts, get your friends and coworkers on board.

Riley and I have loved this book and along the way we’ve become good friends as well as being able to work incredibly well together. We have something new coming. Something fun and exciting. Something totally different.

Something like Red Sonja fighting Transformers in a dystopian Miyazaki world.

Something called Debris.

Thank you for all your support, we appreciate it  more than you can know and from me personally, I owe all my readers. Without you, I wouldn’t be writing new series, I wouldn’t be doing this as a full time gig and I’d still be going around in circles driving a city bus.

Thank you, thank you, thank you.

Kurtis J. Wiebe