Pitch Peek – The Intrepids

by kurtiswiebe

Fair warning, if you have not read Intrepids and yet plan to, you might want to skip reading this. This is my first Pitch Peek, where I post my portion of the submission to publishers. Enjoy!

Tone and Characters

The mood of The Intrepids leans to dark comedy, similar in feel to the series Umbrella Academy. It revolves strongly around the central cast being a gang of very odd and original characters, both in personality and visual appeal. All the characters are in their late teens. (16-19)

Crystal Crow

Summary: Crystal is the unofficial leader of The Intrepids, she is the weapons expert and tactician, coordinating the efforts of her team in the field under the tutelage of their overseer, Dante. She is serious, at times moody, but always a young woman concerned with the safety of her team. Crystal is armed with an array of handguns and automatic weaponry.

Abilites: Gifted with a natural skill for concentration in extreme circumstances, Crystal’s augmentation is a simple contact lens that transmits visual data to a pair a mesh-mechno gloves that slide nearly unseen over her hands and fingers. Anything she holds is coordinated precisely with the visual data sent from her field of vision.


Summary: Doyle is the heavy

muscle, a large young man with the ability to plow his way through any obstacle and bowl over any opposition. He is thoughtful and somber, reserved and keeps to himself when not on mission.

Abilities: Doyle’s body has been wired with technology to make him an ultimate soldier. A self-adjusting mecho-suit lays over his enormous body, enabling him with super strength and resistance to physical trauma. When wounded, the mecho-suit injects his body with regeneration syrum, allowing quick recovery in the field. opposition. He is thoughtful and somber, reserved and keeps to himself when not on mission.


Summary: Chester is the youngest of the team, he is a technological whizz, called upon to tackle security systems and overcome dangerous automated positions. He is short tempered and prone to brash decisions.

Appearance: Chester’s been given hi-fi, top of the line electronic and computing hardware, with all the latest bells and whistles. His natural gift with all things tech means he is constantly modifying and tailoring his gear to his personal liking.

Rose Alabaster

Summary: Rose is the mouth of the team. Outspoken and always ready with an opinion. Her role is that of reconnaissance, she’s the firecracker of the group.

Description: Rose uses a top secret rocket pack deluxe, handcrafted by Dante may years before the team assembled. She is also outfitted with a multipurpose armband which conceals a retractable blade and grapple coil.

Story Synopsis

 The Intrepids are a collection of runaway, homeless teenagers that Dante has taken in and cared for. After years of earning their trust, he revealed to them his plan for a safer, smarter future. He unveiled his designs, marvelous technological contraptions that could significantly enhance a normal human.

With his vision and his help, the teenagers agreed to don his technology for the betterment of mankind. Together, they would attack tyranny and stop the madmen of the world from bringing harm to ordinary citizens.

At the outset, Dante will appear to be the heroic leader but the truth comes out at the end of the series that he is actually the villain and that he has been using The Bastards to murder his former scientific colleagues.

On one such mission, the team comes up against Dr. Koi only to learn that the good doctor, whom they were told was a crazy, evil scientist, was actually working on technology to save Dante’s failed experiments: Children that came before the Bastards. When the team learns this, they join up with Dr. Koi and his crew and they return to Dante’s lab and battle it out end Dante’s cruel schemes.