If I Wrote Gears of War 6

by kurtiswiebe

For the past 3 years, I’ve been involved in the periphery of Gears of War. In 2018 I wrote the Rise of Raam comic series, a story that took a look at the Locust Wars story from the side of Raam and his armies. In 2019 I wrote a new series called Hivebusters, featuring characters from the Escape game mode in Gears of War 5, a mode I also did a lot of dialog writing for in the game itself.

After dabbling in a few time periods of the Gears universe, I laid out what I would plan for the Gears of War 6 story. There are spoilers for Gears of War 5’s ending, so be forewarned! Also, this is a sort of stream of consciousness writing jam, but I think the ideas are pretty clear in it.

So, Gears of War fans, enjoy!

Edit: this is fan fiction based on my own contributions to Gears in the comics and from what I learned playing Gears 5. Just a fun collection of thoughts I had while ruminating on the many Gears stories we’ve all experienced over the years.



Gears of War 6: The End of All War


In the final battle against Reyna, JD is killed in front of Kait and Del. His death, a traumatic event to all the major characters in the Gears franchise, sets in motion a series of events no one, not even Marcus, could expect.

This concept relies on the death of JD in Gears of War 5 to propel all of our major characters into this direction.

Opening Scene:

The player takes control of a soldier in a platoon of COG soldiers who storm a secret COG facility, led by Marcus Fenix and Kait. The battle is intense, and utterly chaotic. And most of all, confusing. Why are the COG attacking each other?

Marcus’ platoon reaches the interior, Kait at his side, as the final battle to their destination begins.

We learn this is a prison break.

A short cinematic flashback shows Marcus arguing with First Minister Jinn about a real way to win the war, but it will require sacrifice and compromise. Jinn, not revealing what they are talking about, threatens Marcus with arrest for treason. Marcus, furious, leaves.

Cut back to Marcus and Kait, together, pushing through the facility, stopping at nothing to get to the secret prison. Soon, they reach the holding cells. They find a heavily fortified cell at the far end. As they walk past the other cells, they find every single one empty.

Marcus hesitates a moment at the door. Kait assures him that it’s the right plan.

The door opens and reveals the prisoner inside:

Ketor Vrol. The High Priest of the Locust. The last scholar and knowledge keeper of their people.FEEC05CE-1B67-4CDA-9995-4E7566EC9EDD

Marcus approaches.

“You’ve held out for twenty-five years. Your games ain’t doin’ you no favours no more. You’re going to tell me where the last of the Locust have been hiding.”

“Why would I ever do that?”

“The Swarm will destroy Sera. If there’s anything we’re both good at, it’s total annihilation of our enemies. I have a proposition for you.”

The Game:

Bringing back all the living characters from the previous trilogy, either playable or interacting through cinematics, Gears of War 6 is the action packed but heartfelt finale that brings both trilogies to a close in a way that brings justice and closure to our leads, past and present.

Playing as Marcus and Kait, both having lost one of the most important people in their lives, they take a desperate stand to wipe war off the face of Sera forever.

In their desperate plan, they enlist the help of the Locust, old retired veteran Drones still living from the time of the Locust War. The game then transitions to Marcus fighting alongside Locust to bring down the Swarm.

The Story:

Marcus lost his wife. Now his son. War has taken everything from him, anything that ever mattered, and turned his life into a series of nightmares and trauma he can no longer ignore. It’s time for Sera to live in peace, so kids like Kait and Del can live a normal life. One he and his forefathers were never given.

He begins to see the truth: they are mere cogs in a war machine. A perpetual grinder, feeding on the lives of those who should be anything but soldiers. It’s become the way of things. The way of living that killed his son.

No more.


Kait, having severed her connection to the Swarm, too grieves the loss of her best friend and a man she saw a future with. After… this. She, too, sees the cycle. She knows the mind of the Swarm, that it only exists to breed and corrupt. It has no goal. It makes monsters of even the best of them. Of her mother.

Del, disillusioned with it all, walks away. He never looks back. If he’s to die, it’ll be on a patch of land, far from the rest of the world. When the Swarm comes, on that day, he will take his fate into his own hands. For him, the war is over.gears-5-ultimate-editon-nordic

Kait confides in Marcus that there is no hope of winning. The Swarm is too powerful, and their means of expansion greatly outweighs COG ability to recruit and train soldiers. The war will be over in a year. Humanity will be wiped out.

Marcus learns through his buddy Cole that there’s a specialist team his daughter works with that’s figured out a way to kill a hive once they locate it. Some ragtag group of freelance operatives under Hoffman’s command in the island region. Called themselves Scorpio. Marcus figures that if they are to stand a chance, this hivebusting operation might be good to investigate.


Arriving at Galangi Island, Marcus and Kait meet Lahni, Keegan and Mac: team Scorpio. Their method of dealing with swarm is effective, but Marcus is concerned the Swarm could adapt to it quickly.

Lahni approaches Marcus, pulls him aside. Tells him that he’s a massive hero to her and that she grew up with stories about his exploits. Marcus plays them down, tells her that heroics only get important people killed. Lahni confides that her reckless behavior with Brash Brigade was what got her into this whole hivebusting thing to begin with.

They talk more, and Lahni reveals the truth about Brash Brigade; they cleaned up pockets of Locust that survived the final COG attack against their species. In their missions, they came across a very old section of the Locust tunnels and inside, an ancient temple. When they searched the ruins, they found a single living Locust, Ketor Vrol, guarding the last remnants of the Locust religion.

They captured him and Vrol was imprisoned in a secret COG base that Brash Brigade reported to.

This leads us to the opening.

The Locust will be recruited, agreeing that the Swarm will decimate both of their races, and to stand together in one final battle will be how they all see tomorrow.

With Locust knowledge of the underground tunnels, and their access to Ketor Vrol’s religious scholarship, including how to raise the remaining two of the trinity of worms, as well as Kait’s understanding of Swarm abilities and tactics and Marcus’ learned experience from a lifetime of war, they will fight the Swarm until its ultimate destruction.

At the end, the Swarm is defeated. There are losses along the way. Friends from past and present give the ultimate sacrifice. But in the end, there is peace…

As the Locust and human armies part ways, there’s an uneasy feeling that it’s a peace that cannot last. That old grudges, valid and still fresh, could propel these two uneasy allies to war once again.

And in that moment, Kait sees what she can do to honour the memory of those who paid the ultimate price.


To ensure that their sacrifice would lead to long peace and prosperity.

Kait leads the Locust to their city and, following in her grandmother’s footsteps, becomes the Queen of the Horde.

Marcus returns to his farm and finds Del fixing the place up, struggling to hold up a wall section he’s repairing. Marcus steps in and helps him. For the first time in a long time, he’s fixing something instead of destroying it. And for now and until he dies, that’ll be enough.