Inside the Mind of Kurtis J. Wiebe

Excerpts Part 4

Because no matter what you think, through all this hardship, I’ve always loved you.

Excerpts Part 3

I can’t be everything you need. You need to understand that. You need to understand that you could be happy without me, if you just learned to love yourself and find your place.

Excerpts Part 2

You are missing out on the person I really am because I don’t feel safe to allow that person out. I’m so worried I’ll say something wrong, or do the wrong thing, that I just become whatever it is you need me to be so that we can make it through the day without confrontation. But that facade is cracking, and I believe it’s come to a critical point because our bouts have become venomous. I didn’t bother being anyone, anymore.

Excerpts – Part 1

That feeling, breaking a little bit at a time, but just letting it happen, sums up how I feel as the days go on. Until now, I was numb to how rotten I felt inside, how worthless and dejected I really felt. But I can’t ignore that feeling anymore, that voice demands I deserve to be treated fairly and respectfully.