Debris #1 debuts this Wednesday


This year has sped by at an unbelievable rate. It feels like only a few weeks ago Jim had green lit this project for July and this is all I had written (yes, this is copy pasted from the actual pitch document.)

Debris (Temporary Title)


With the world in ruins, humanity struggles to survive in sprawling cities of garbage and debris. Ancient spirits stalk the urban decay, manifesting in the flesh by crafting bodies of the refuse that litters the land. One young warrior woman uncovers the legend of the last source of fresh water in the world and sets out to find it, but a spirit learns of her plan and refuses to let her go it alone. Together they travel the world in search of the last bastion of pure nature.

Debris is a colourful, high action adventure series of Red Sonja meets Transformers, with creative interpretations of mythological monsters blended with modern urban technology and a spunky lead heroine who kicks all kinds of ass.

Debris is a miniseries told in 5 issues.

There are no spoilers, obviously the story has changed quite a lot so nothing has been ruined by reading the above outline. Still, I was a bit overwhelmed when Jim not only moved forward with just the above outline but also gave it a date. I emailed back and said something to the effect of, “Jim, this is just an idea, I haven’t written it yet.”

So, here we are.

Anyway, collected below are some early reviews for the series. I’m excited because it looks like people are very happy with our first issue.

Decapitated Dan: “when I get a chance to cover anything by Wieley, I will. They are a team to be reckoned with, pushing the envelope on great original content, and proving why comics will always be a fun medium. Read Debris, you will not be disappointed.”

Team Hellions: “This world cries out for a hero and her name is Maya.  In one issue we are gifted with a new female icon in comics.  Stronger, faster, smarter than any of her “peers” – if anyone could truly be called an equal.  She is the strongest hero in this world given the seemingly simplest of tasks.”

Multiversity:  “Maya, our heroine, is really put through the wringer, emerging at the end of the issue as a flinty, independent personality who’s going to do her damnedest to make things right. It’s always heartening to see a strong female character in a comic – and she’s even wearing clothes! – but even without the gender factor, she’s got an arresting air and charisma to burn.”

Here Be Geeks: “the setting is beautiful, enough weird things are happening, and that Maya herself is quite the fun character to read.”

Comic Buzz: “It’s clear from the outset that Wiebe is crafting a grand narrative. The future setting and the large garbage monster Colossals give an instant sense of scale, but the focus on Maya makes sure that the
story doesn’t get lost in the setting or set pieces. There are some difficult moments for Maya to deal with in this issue, both physically and mentally-”